Preparation for Kindergarten

Kindergarten is becoming more and more rigorous, and letters and numbers are taught way earlier than they used to be. Make sure your child is prepared by enrolling them in a quality preschool program where they are exposed to letters and numbers in a fun setting. Preschool is a time for fun and exploration, and if letters and numbers are introduced in a fun way, they will not seem intimidating once your child reaches kindergarten. There are other skills that we take for granted that are a big deal to a preschooler. Learning to correctly hold a pencil, or stand in line patiently, or listen to a story being read aloud are all simple skills that preschool exposure helps to foster and grow. Having adjusted to the preschool routine, entrance into kindergarten will not seem as overwhelming to your child. The social skills, motor skills, and learning routines that your child gains in preschool will all be immensely useful when transitioning to kindergarten.
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