Halloween at Tiny Tot Preschool & Kindergarten

Once again the Halloween Parade at Tiny Tot Preschool & Kindergarten was a success.  Thanks to all of our wonderful parents and teachers for making every Halloween fun and a joyful event.  The event was well organized and receptive to all the participants.  The children filled all their bags with lots of goodies.  Considering the Read more about Halloween at Tiny Tot Preschool & Kindergarten[…]

Three Best Schools in Simi Valley

Tiny Tot Preschool & Kindergarten is one of the best 3 schools in Simi Valley. Proud to announce our school is in the top 3 best Preschools in Simi Valley!!!  Click the link: https://threebestrated.com/preschools-in-simi-valley-ca?fbclid=IwAR3cseyYQlrxOWKgUKhceU1gEVAvTxT4M4fhqU9WC3iWkdTxxBE5ERbXGLU#.XXHCyCVDaBY.facebook