Children Learn From Other Children

Children learn really well from other children. It increases more than social and emotional, but also cognitive and even speech.
As teachers, preschool is a place where they get to focus specifically on certain activities that help aid the development in skills for children. As children, without the direct focus on them, they can shyly work their way, or directly into engaging in the activities that increase language, motor skills, cognitive skills, as well as many more. Watching and observing other children can be a great inspiration and motivation. We don’t always know what is going to spark the interest, but preschool allows so much room for many different things and other children to bring that out.
For parents it can be tough to let go and drop your child off at school. When you research and find the right preschool there are also many benefits for you. The teachers will give you updates and are there to help you. It’s good for you to allow your child some time away and that it is not a bad thing. You get to go to work, relax at home, get some home things done that may otherwise be difficult, and you can nurture other relationships. Transitioning from no children to children, you find you may sacrifice a lot and lose your own sense of you. You get to have your own identity, while your child starts to learn theirs, and the quality time you have together will be more meaningful. You share who you are more thoroughly.
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