Available Child Care Assistance

Financial assistance for emergency child care now available for essential workers and children at-risk during COVID-19 pandemic.

Child Development Resources of Ventura County, Incorporated (CDR) is announcing the availability of financial assistance for emergency child care for essential workers and at-risk populations.

Essential workers include, but are not limited to, health care providers, caregivers, first responders, farm workers, social workers, and more.

At-risk populations, include, but are not limited to, children that are receiving child protective services or who have been deemed to be at-risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and families experiencing homelessness.

Families who meet these requirements may begin the application process online at cdrv.org, or, by calling the CDR referral hotline at (805) 485-7878, ext. 470.

At-risk populations including children at-risk of abuse, neglect, or exploitation; children eligible through Emergency Child Care Bridge Program for Foster Children; families experiencing homelessness, or children of domestic violence survivors.    Families with children with disabilities or special health care needs whose IEPs and IFSPs include ELC services.   Essential workers who not able to work remotely. Both parents must be essential workers to qualify. Please review the list of essential workers, here. covid19.ca.gov/img/EssentialCriticalInfrastructureWorkers.pdf

If you’re eligible for emergency child care, there is a simple two-page application you must fill-out. Download the forms, here. https://www.cdrv.org/wp-content/uploads/cdr-covid-19-emergency-childcare-application-english.pdf

If you need help with filling-out the application, or, have any questions, please contact CDR staff at (805) 485-7888 ext. 470.


CDR has recently received additional funding from the State of California to provide emergency financial assistance for child care services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This funding is now available and will run through June 30, 2020, or, until the state of emergency has ended, whichever occurs first.

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