Tiny Tot Preschool & Kindergartens Plan of Actions to Help Prevent the Spread of Covid-19

  • Wellness check each morning.  Any Temperature of 100.4 F/ 38 C or higher must be excluded from the facility.
  • Practicing Healthy Hygiene:  Frequent hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes with inside of the elbow, wiping nose.
  • All visits should be as brief as possible. Parents and visitors shall remain at the entryway at all times. 
  • Children wash their hands at drop off and prior to pick-up.
  • Practicing proper hand washing before and after all snacks and meals.
  • Personal items should all be labeled and kept in a separate bag or cubbie to ensure personal items are separate from others.  During this time, personal toys should be kept at home until further notice.
  • Social and physical distancing (Smaller class groups) (smaller nap size)
  • Children must bring a refillable water vessel, with their name on it, as drinking fountains are not to be used during this time. 
  • Parents are not to share or bring homemade/baked items to the facility. 
  • All manipulative and toys are sanitized daily, outdoor playground equipment, bikes, balls are also sanitized each night.
  • Walkie Talkie is available by the front entry to announce your arrival if staff and children are outside on the playground.

*The COVID-19 pandemic is a challenging and fluid situation.  Federal, state, and local orders and guidance may change frequently.

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